Jay Taub Software Engineering

Welcome to Jay Taub Software Engineering. We are a group of technology savvy former college students who have come together in the interest of addressing technology that we feel are lacking advancement. This is the 21st century and what was once science fiction should now be reality. For example, we believe that the time of telephone (audio) calling is over and that video conferencing as a standard means of communication is way overdue.  asset.find_.us_.on_.facebook.lg_ Google-plus-icon Twitter_logo_blue1

We will be pursuing other areas where we feel a gain in technology can be achieved; such as, adding video cameras in the front and back of cars, so that in case of an accident or other incident, the owner can easily run the video to determine exactly what happened. This would eliminate any ‘he said, she said’ scenario, as well as providing a benefit for the insurance companies to review. There would be no disputes of who was right and who was wrong when the evidence is starring you ‘in the face’.

We will also be researching prescription photo and video eyeglasses. At the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, you will be able to photograph or video tape what you see directly in front of you. These glasses will perform in all weather conditions and with any type of lens.

We also do custom programming for businesses and corporations. We welcome you to come back and visit our website to see what progress we will be making in these and other venture.